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Linen Summer Blanket


100% linen blanket which provides a feeling of freshness all over the year. It is very airy and has thermoregulation properties. During the hot summer it absorbs moisture and gives a pleasant sensation of coolness. Choose the freshness of natural linen fabric! 100% European linen with The Oeko-Tex® certificate 

• Throw 55" x 77"
• Queen 105" wide x 100" long

• King 115" wide x 100" long

• If you prefere smooth and elegant look, you can iron the fabric when it is slightly damp. But if you love easygoing or vintage look, you can just wash it and enjoy your crumpled linen. 

– pure linen has anti-allergic properties, it does not cause irritation and allergy therefore it is recommended for children and allergy sufferers
– it is very friendly to our bodies and creates the best microclimate for our skin
– it has antibacterial, antistatic and hygroscopic properties
– products made of natural linen are organic and fully biodegradable
– linen fabric is very airy and provides a feeling of freshness
– thanks to the thermoregulation properties it provides a feeling of comfort all over the year: during the hot summer it absorbs moisture and gives a pleasant sensation of coolness, while in winter it maintains the proper body temperature
– linen products are very durable, their aesthetic value increases over time - linen becomes more soft and delicate after every wash

– washable at 40 °C
– avoid wringing when washing by hand
– avoid using bleach containing chlorine 
– use fabric softeners especially during the first wash 
– avoid drying the fabric in the tumble dryer and lay it flat to dry 
– if needed you can iron when it is slightly damp

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