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Our Story


The story of Willow General Store is nothing short of simple. It had been brewing for years…decades. Although, it didn’t make it self very clear until just months after our fourth child was born and the timing was right—maybe divine.

It was a boy—the child, that is. Had it been a girl, we would have named her Willow.

What we love about the unfolding of Willow General Store is the daily practice it has become of being intentional. Using and falling in love with products that are made to last and become a part of our stories. We use the word “simple” way too much, but honestly, the word is a mantra.

Simple. Slow down. Keep it basic. Center.

The store is inspired by the necessities carried in early century general stores, yet with an abundance of modern-day appeal—a careful mix of old and new. It is located in a century old building on Main Street in Piedmont, SD. At one time general stores and mercantiles were scattered through the Piedmont area. We have the opportunity to authentically bring life to a special building in this historic community. What a pleasure.